Disney Cruise Line Comparison: How it’s Different from Other Cruises

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If you are not sure if the cost of the Disney Cruise Line is worth it, then consider this Disney Cruise Line comparison with other options.

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Determining when to set sail on a high seas adventure is almost as important as choosing the right cruise line to travel with. Almost. Choosing the right cruise line can make all the difference in your vacation. Hopefully, this Disney cruise line comparison will help you decide. A Disney Cruise is like no other cruise I have been on. I have been spoiled. If you are not sure which cruise line to book, I suggest definitely looking into a Disney Cruise. And don’t be fooled. It’s not just for kids. I know firsthand because that is what I thought. But when the hubby and I embarked on our first vacation without the kids to celebrate our 25th anniversary, we choose a Disney cruise. It was the best decision we ever made!

The Disney Magic

If you are not sure if the cost of the Disney Cruise Line is worth it, then consider this Disney Cruise Line comparison with other options.The biggest way you can tell a Disney Cruise from another Cruise line right off the bat is Disney Magic. A Disney Cruise comparison quickly shows that there is more character on the ship. You’ll get more familiar Disney experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. There are Marvel Days at Sea, character meet and greet opportunities, Disney live productions such as Frozen and Beauty and the Beast. Not to mention the deck parties on Pirate Night.

Not only is there authentic Disney entertainment throughout your cruise, but there are Disney elements imbued into every aspect of your Disney Cruiseline experience, from the storytelling of the Aqualab to the Oceaneers Club play area design.


If you are not sure if the cost of the Disney Cruise Line is worth it, then consider this Disney Cruise Line comparison with other options.A Disney Cruise is a top of the line expense, but along with that expense comes the premium entertainment as well as lots and lots of food. The dining on a Disney Cruise is included in the price of your vacation. there are some exceptions, such as the adults-only dining, alcohol and select other purchases. By and large, however, the food on the ship is free and you can have as much of it as you want. even room service is free and it’s open 24 hours. When you go to a restaurant on a Disney Cruise ship, you can order anything off the menu and have as much as you want, so don’t feel restricted to one entree or a traditional three-course meal.

Lenient BYOB policy

If you are not sure if the cost of the Disney Cruise Line is worth it, then consider this Disney Cruise Line comparison with other options.Alcohol costs are extra on a Disney Cruise. However, they allow you to bring your own. Not only that, but Disney is among the most lenient on their alcohol restrictions. You can bring a six-pack, or two wine bottles per person each time you come on board. depending on how many adults are sharing your State Room and how often you leave the ship, that can add up to a lot. You can even bring wine or champagne to a restaurant for a small corking fee.

Filtered Water

The water on a Disney Cruise Line is super filtered and safe to drink. You can run it from your bathroom sink and fill up a water bottle. The water in the pools is fresh too. It’s also heated. That is more than can be said for the cruise lines that use the saltwater from the ocean. The water filtration system on the Disney Cruise Line is a huge bonus that accounts for much of the cost. It’s a nicety you will miss when you cruise with another service.

Adventures By Disney

One major advantage in a Disney Cruise Line comparison is that Disney partners with Adventures by Disney for its cruises. That means more fun, entertainment, and education when you dock. There are unique experiences you can do through Disney that you can’t do anywhere else. That includes guided tours, exclusive access to local attractions and events, as well as unique cultural activities. Disney brings storytelling and cultural expertise when enveloping Disney Cruise Line passengers in a one of a kind world travel experience.

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